I’m just a seventeen year old girl, going to be an adult soon. But i think i have found my true love(I don’t think I believe i have). he is the one that i never thought would really be my DAN HUMPHREY(I have a lot similarities with SERENA VAN DER WOODSON and even events in my life does make me a lot like her)……anyways..! i never thought i would love anyone more  than myself in life or even equal to me(self obsessed you see) but this guy, the thought of being away from him makes me shiver and petrified! they say teenage love is not true but all attraction and infatuation. but i don’t think so that it is mere infatuation. when i see him all i want is to look at him, talk to him, his very sight makes me happy and smile! 
i have hope, i believe! but they say nothing in this world comes without strings attached! and every happy ending is a new starting! 10 years later i’ll again read this and answer was it really love or what others said a mere attraction!